Troubleshoot & Repair

We can Fix It

Do you have a control panel that doesn’t work or one like the one above that had a bad day? We fixed that one. Maybe you have a panel that just won’t work or is doing something wrong. We have fixed control panels for all types of industrial applications. Call us, chances are, we can fix it. If it is not repairable, we can get a new one built quickly so you can get back up and running.

Control Panel Repair and Troubleshooting

Because of our expertise with control panels, we are often called upon for troubleshooting of control panels that are not properly working. Sometimes it is a simple fix, sometimes not, but we as experts in our field we can always pinpoint the exact issue.

As a vital part of your overall system, it is always best to maintain drawings for all your control panels and electrical work, but that isn’t always realistic. It’s harder and more time consuming, but we can and do work without drawings, if needed.

We know when your control panel isn’t functioning properly, your system can come to a screeching halt. Our number one goal is always to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Let’s get it Programmed

This customer was burning up motors. Overload not properly hooked up.