“Production” Control Panels

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Design and Build

We can design and build your production panels too. Need 500 panels built quickly? Do you manufacture a system or machine that needs a control panel? We can help in the design of your panels or build them to your specs. Need to use sensors to monitor and control motors, air valves, hydraulics, speed, cutters or other industrial devices with PLCs and Frequency Drives or simple relay logic, give us a call. We can build your panels one at a time or contract to build thousands of them.

What is different about Production Panels

We design and build production control panels where production cost must be scrutinized, and quality and reliability have zero room for failure. Production panels are a bit of a different animal. It isn’t uncommon when we build a custom control panel that we do some debugging on site during installation. There is no room for that in production control panels. We cannot be there at turn on, so we develop testing processes that ensure our production control panels work first time to every time.