Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyor Maintenance

The practice of maintaining your conveyor equipment in a usable & reliable state. Problem is, you are busy with production and you don’t see conveyor problems coming until, BAM, your system is down, and production is at a standstill. Of course we are here for you when that happens but life is much easier and lest costly especially in production down time if you can do proper maintenance and “Maintain equipment in good order and see those problems that we all have, coming…

Our PM Report

Let me introduce you to our PM Report. There is a sample below. Our technicians come to your facility more frequently than traditional PM work but for less time. Our PM is not designed to “Repair” anything, although we will do simple things or anything that is a safety risk. What we do is:

  • (Inspection) We inspect for any impending trouble, wear or failure issue and we record them in the equipment specific PM Report.
  • (lubrication) We establish and follow the manufacture’s or industry standard equipment lubrication schedule.
  • (Adjustment) We adjust system parts for wear and tear such as belt tracking and tension, drive chain tension and alignment and air regulator pressure.

Our PM visit is designed to be brief and to be done without interfering with your production routines. If we do need to do anything invasive where power needs to be off or equipment shut down for short periods of time, we coordinate that with your operations people. And our PM Report is designed to give you a quick, organized, comprehensive, up to date status of your conveyor and associated equipment. Any repairs that need to be done outside the PM time will be quoted to you so you can schedule that work with us or who every you like at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

Our Service Department

We do have a highly trained “Service Department”. We would of course love to provide your maintenance to help keep you in good shape but it’s that sudden “OH CRAP” moment where you are cruising along with production and all is right with the world and someone says, Boss, “the conveyor belt is laying on the floor”… or there is a very large puddle of oil under the conveyor and it stopped and won’t re-start. You need help now! We are a Central Indiana based company and if you have a conveyor or associated equipment problem, Call (317) 875-1919 and ask for service department and we will get someone out to see you as soon as possible.