Conveyor Systems “New”

When it’s Time

When It is time to build a new distribution line, assembly line, a new process or an entirely new facility, you need a partner you can count on to help bring together your need with modern, cost effective conveyor systems, associated equipment and solutions.

Who Will Do It?

Sure, we can match your need with the modern, efficient conveyor equipment but who:

  • Designs, provides and installs the electrical distribution?
  • Who installs and maintains the air compressors and plumbing?
  • What about the scanners, readers and sensors that provide feedback to the control system PLC?
  • Who designs communication systems for interface with “Warehouse Management Systems”?
  • Who is responsible for guarding and e-stop and safety systems?
  • Who will perform system routine maintenance, lubrication and adjustment?
  • Who will show up to repair an issue to get 3rd shift back up and running?

There is so much more to a system than the equipment. Partner with a company that knows all the above and more. At CPM Conveyor, we pride ourselves in providing a complete solution to your companies need. We provide quality equipment and services at very competitive prices. Your ROI is always a part of our plan.

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CPM Conveyor uses many conveyor system manufactures to integrate solutions for our customers. Conveyor systems are rarely made up entirely of one manufacture’s equipment. We use what is needed to provide well designed, simplicity-based conveyor systems for our valued customers.

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When it is time for a new conveyor system

The process from concept to installed and properly operating can be a foreboding, complex, long and frustrating process. At CPM Conveyor we promise to ease the process by being attentive, listening well and providing our experience and expertise. It is also important to have a conveyor integrator that understands the demands of production pressures and a willingness to work with your special set of circumstances. Give is a call so we can show your unique system development process. 

(How the process works)


We will roll up our sleeves and sit with you, walk your floor, draw on the white board, put tape on the floor and trade ideas back and forth until we arrive at a system that you need on paper.


Then we start the integration process. We look through the vast variety of equipment available to layout a solution. We bring together all the pieces and parts needed to provide the best, most cost-effective solution. We look it over, think it through, talk to you and change our mind or approach until we have arrived at the best possible solution.

Preliminary Drawings

We will do preliminary drawings and come up with a detailed functional description of how the system will work and all the advantages it will provide such as energy efficiency production improvements labor savings and other “returns on Investment. The customer is in the loop during the entire process.

Preliminary drawings go through a review and update process.

Budget Quotes

Something we do that others are reluctant to do is keep our customer in front of the investment number (you know, dollars) of the system. This is certainly not a system quote, but it helps customers understand how their project is fitting into their budget. Once we have a preliminary system put together, we will present that to the customer along with an up to date budget quote. Our budget quote is designed to get the customer in the + or – 10% range of final pricing.

Official System Quotes

Then when we have customer approval of the preliminary design and budget quote, we will sharpen things up and get final equipment details and a finished system quote. This quote includes all costs including, engineering, design, equipment, controls, installation, testing, in-service, training and turn over for customer use. We can also include a maintenance and service contract.

Purchase Order Issued

Then all we need is a start date and a Purchase Order and we are off and running to get your project in and running so you can deliver what your company does.  Give us a call so we can deliver for you.