Does your distribution system or material handling system work pretty well but it has a bottle neck that holds up production? Or do you have a section of your system that is always breaking down and causing production problems?

Let us come take a look and work with you to find a solution. Let’s fix the problem, not the entire system. Upgrading an existing system with a better idea is always going to be less expensive than a whole new system. No need to replace the whole system if a simple upgrade will fix the problem.

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Sometimes part of the system just has too many miles on it. In this case it may be time to replace a portion of your conveyor system while maintaining what is still working well. This should be a consideration when conveyor issues keep getting in the way of production and the cost to maintain and repair it costs more than the fix.

Do not forget to stay on top of system maintenance. This will insure you get the most from your conveyor over time. Proper maintenance has its costs but so does production down time. In many cases, when you consider the costs of the impact on production, system maintenance money looks pretty efficient.

Conveyor Maintenance
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There are advantages to upgrading parts or all of an existing system.

First, we can usually use most, if not all, of the control systems. They are electrical components, PLC computers, frequency drives and control panel. These components don’t wear out like rollers, belts, chains, motors and gear reducers do. The control systems can continue to deliver far into the future.

Second, we get an opportunity to tweak the system, so we eliminate weaknesses, improve performance. Newer technologies will improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and make the system much easier to use while earning a good “Return on Investment”, at a substantially lower cost that starting over.

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