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“Service” – “Maintenance” – “Repair”

Service, Maintenance and Repair… What is the difference? That’s a good question! We have a highly trained “Service” Department and they do “Maintenance” & “Repair”. Essentially Maintenance and Repair along with other customer service “IS SERVICE”. So what is maintenance and repair?


Maintenance is to “Maintain” equipment in a useful and reliable state. This is the process of inspection, adjustment and lubrication. This is what is commonly known as doing “PM” work. Also known as “Preventative Maintenance” or “Planned Maintenance” CPM Conveyor has a very well thought out “PM” program designed to keep your equipment in that “Useful & Reliable” state.


To “Repair” is to restore back to that “Useful & Reliable” state from a lesser state. If you have a conveyor or associated equipment failure of some sort, we are here to respond quickly, evaluate, troubleshoot if necessary and “Repair” your system or equipment to get you going.

Conveyor Parts

Some of our customers can do some or most of their own Maintenance and Repair. For those customers we have the parts you need to get the job done. Look under our parts tab for details or easier yet, give us a call at (317) 875-1919 and we will get you what you need.
Remember we always provide free phone support for and maintenance issues.

Our Service Department

We do have a highly trained “Service Department”. We would of course love to provide your maintenance to help keep you in good shape but it’s that sudden “OH CRAP” moment where you are cruising along with production and all is right with the world and someone says, Boss, “the conveyor belt is laying on the floor”… or there is a very large puddle of oil under the conveyor and it stopped and won’t re-start. You need help now! We are a Central Indiana based company and if you have a conveyor or associated equipment problem, Call (317) 875-1919 and ask for service department and we will get someone out to see you as soon as possible.