Conveyor Systems and Design Team

Sure, we provide conveyor equipment for any need, but it is not like picking up a lawnmower. There is a lot involved.

Some companies provide only part of the process. CPM is conveyor, start to finish:
See the list below:

  • Evaluate

  • Design

  • Integrate

  • Install

  • Maintain

  • Service

  • Repair

Our staff has decades of experience in providing the right equipment for the job. We get it installed, provide in-service support and we will always be there when your equipment needs service.

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How We Operate

Our staff at CPM Conveyor has over three decades of experience. Whether you are having issues with rollers, belts, line-shafts, drives, chains,  lifts, tilts or stackers, we’ve seen it, sold it, installed it and serviced it. Call us to see what we can do for you.

At CPM Conveyor we promise to:

  • Always be professional

  • Listen to your needs

  • Be quick and responsive without pressure

  • Educate you on all of your options while sharing our expertise

  • Be efficient with your resources and budget

  • Design simplicity based solutions

  • Install, maintain, service & repair your system

About CPM

We Know the Right Equipment

Over our decades of experience, we have learned a great deal about conveyor brands, types and options. We know what works well together and what doesn’t.