Control Panels

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Industrial Control Panel Services

Do you need a control panel serviced or designed? CPM Conveyors has been designing, building and servicing control panels for our customer’s conveyor systems for over three decades. Additionally, due to our years of expertise within control panels, we design and build custom and production control panels for other applications, as well. 

Whether a redesign, a new build or service, controls and control panels are just in our DNA. We can design, build, install, troubleshoot and repair almost any panel. Just give us a call.

Control Panels | Heart of the Matter

The control panel is the heart of the conveyor system, and it is there where all decisions are made on how the overall systems works and integrates. Most control panels are automatic. For example, if someone lifts a lift gate, the up-stream conveyor must stop, so material doesn’t collide with the lifted gate and what happens to the rest of the up-stream conveyor when the adjacent conveyor must stop. The internal workings of that “magic box,” the control panel, is where all that is done. CPM Conveyors designs, builds, installs, and integrates control panels into mechanical conveyor system, for systems that meet a client’s organizational goals.

After CPM designs and integrates your specific conveyor system, we then design your coordinating system controls.

How Does a Conveyor System Control Panel Work?

How is this system going to work? How do we turn it on? How do we control speed and direction? How do motors and accumulation zones know when to stop and start? How does a pop-up divert know when to run its belts? How does the barcode camera know when to fire? How does the system know someone pulled an emergency stop and how to reset it? How do we indicate the system is powered, running or in e-stopped?

Your control panel is the brain of your system that is programmed to provide those specific answers and keep you conveyor system running like a well-oiled machine.

Industrial Production Control Panels

We also design and build production control panels where production cost must be scrutinized, and quality and reliability have zero room for failure. Production panels are a bit of a different animal. It isn’t uncommon when we build a custom control panel that we do some debugging on site during installation. There is no room for that in production control panels. We cannot be there at turn on so we develop testing processes that ensure our production control panels first time to every time.

Control Panel Repair and Troubleshooting

Because of our expertise with control panels, we are often called upon for troubleshooting of control panels that are not properly working. Sometimes it is a simple fix, sometimes not, but we as experts in our field we can always pinpoint the exact issue.

As a vital part of your overall system, it is always best to maintain drawings for all your control panels and electrical work, but that isn’t always realistic. It’s harder and more time occurred, but we do work without drawings, if needed.

We know when your control panel isn’t functioning properly, your system can come to a screeching halt. Our number one goal is always to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.