Associated Equipment

What is Associated Equipment

Associated equipment are those Machines that work in, alongside of or adjacent to conveyor systems that are integral to the operation of the conveyor system or stand alone but handle the same material as the conveyor does. We at CPM Conveyor have serviced, installed, repaired, designed into conveyor systems all these machines and more.

Engineering, Sales & Service

If you have a box strapper that always jams up, a box sealer that won’t run, a scanner with no power, call us. Our service department can help. If you need a scanner, a shrink wrapper or a scale integrated into an existing or a new conveyor system, call us so we can help.

These are some Associated Equipment

Shrink Wrappers        Conveyor Scales                                 Box Erectors

Lift Tables                    Tape Machines / Box Sealers         Barcode Scanners

Box Strappers             Turn Tables                                        Air Pillow Machines

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