About Us

A little Bit About Us

CPM – (C) Conveyors (P) Panels (M) Motors

Conveyor Systems:


  • Design & Integrate Conveyor Systems
  • 24-hour Conveyor Service, Maintenance & Repair
  • Your Conveyor Parts Source

Panel Builders:


  • Design & Build Custom Control Panels
  • Build Production Control Panels
  • Troubleshoot and Repair control Panels

Motors, reducers and drives:


  • Fast delivery of Industrial and Farm Duty Motors
  • Gear Reducers and Multipliers
  • Motor Starters, Controls and Frequency Drives

Meet Indiana’s Trusted Conveyor System Provider

Better Designs – Better Engineering – Better Conveyor Systems

As Indiana’s trusted conveyor system provider, conveyor and material handling systems are our specialty. Designing, integrating and installing conveyor system solutions is our passion, and we’ve been at it for over three decades!


Our philosophy is and always will be “simplicity” is the best option. It is our experience that simplicity requires better engineering. Our competitors often have all the “bells and whistles.” We have them too, but we use them sparingly, and as needed. This keeps costs lower, makes your system easier to operate, plus delivers better reliability and improves serviceability.

Superior Equipment Service

Have a service problem? As a conveyor systems service provider, we take pride in being a valuable resource for our Customers. It’s good to have a trusted service provider to call when you need them, especially in the middle of the night. For all of Indiana, CPM Conveyor is that trusted source.

We Know the Right Equipment

Over our years of service, we have gleaned a great deal about conveyor brands, types and options. We know what works well and what doesn’t. For example, when we see the same transfer belt needing excessive and repeated service, our opinion it becomes equipment to avoid while integrating a new system for a valued customer. On the other hand, that slatted spiral conveyor we’ve watched run 24/7 for 5 years with nothing but a need for chain lubrication, helps us develop a high level of confidence in that manufacturer and their other equipment.

This degree of equipment knowledge only exists with decades of hands-on experience servicing a broad range of conveyor systems for clients across many industries. We believe it this longevity and our ability to assemble and install a “turnkey”, ready to run, complete system that very specifically addresses your needs that sets us apart.

You are the Most Important Part

Our Customer interaction is the most important part of our design, integration, installation, maintenance and repair services. We will stand together with you on the production floor. We will sit at a conference table and draw pictures of potential solutions and explain why we prefer one solution over another while you explain what your priorities are. This time with our customers is an integral part of the design and integration of an effective and efficient conveyor system. We will do this as long as it takes to come to the right solution for your needs and budget. After all, this is your system and you are going to have to live with it. Let’s make it right.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Have a conveyor system or control panel issue you just can’t figure out? Troubleshooting as a systematic process. If you don’t do it often, it can be like guessing. Our team of trained conveyor specialists know how to troubleshoot a problem. We will follow the problem to the root cause, identify what needs done and get you going, quickly and efficiently.