Comprehensive Solutions for Conveyors and Material Handling Systems

Conveyor Design, Installation, Maintenance and Repair

CPM Conveyor keeps conveyor systems running, whether it’s a system we built or not. From aging conveyor systems to a state-of-the-art new material handling systems, our local team of highly-skilled technicians and engineers helps efficiently and safely move, read, sort, divert and handle products for Customers across the Midwest. Need a custom conveyor system? That is what we do. Give us a call and let us design a solution for you. Our team prides itself on the right solutions to maximize your performance and ensure success.

Conveyor Systems are our Specialty

Do you need ways to safely move, read, sort, divert, or handle product within your facility? Let us show you how we can design, integrate and install a conveyor system solution for you.

Conveyor Service & Maintenance

"Service" is at the core of everything we at CPM Conveyor do. We service what we sell and everything else too. If you need us, call (317) 875-1919 24 hours a day.

We also offer a comprehensive unique "PM Program" to help keep your systems running. Click the box below and click on "Maintenance" to find out how our maintenance / PM Program can improve your reliability but also earn you discounts on our service rate and conveyor parts.

Custom & Production Control Panels

Do you need control panel services? We design, build, troubleshoot and repair control panels for all our conveyor systems. We also design and build (custom & production) control panels for any application.

We Sell Motors, Gear Reducers & Frequency Drives

Power transmission devices keep you running and if they fail, you need them repaired or replaced now! We can troubleshoot, repair or replace Motors, gear reducers, and frequency Drives on anything from your industrial conveyor systems, pumps and fans to car wash systems and farm applications. Call us, we have you covered.